FAQ’s for Agents

What are your commission splits?  We are a 100% company so you keep 100% of your commission.  We do have teams that operate within Domain Realty, which is always an option to consider, but those teams do come with traditional split structures.  

Is there a desk fee?  Yes, the monthly desk fee is $100.

What other brokerage related costs will I incur?  Beyond your $100 a month desk fee, the only other brokerage related costs are a $195 transfer fee per sale at closing and a $50 per transaction errors and omissions charge.  

Do you have a new agent training program?  This is a hot topic and the straight answer is yes.  We have training covering Domain Realty 101 type stuff, the systems we use, and then several new agent meetings to help that learning curve.  Generally speaking… we don’t take on a ton of new agents, so we don’t have a calendar full of new agent training type classes, but rather when we take on new agents we either bundle a few together or it’s 1 on 1.  We believe in the individual rather than telling you how you should pursue this business. What works for me might not be the best methods for you. The best way I can put Domain’s new agent training… It’s hands on, a la carte, catered to you and your strengths.  The 1 on 1 support is something you will not find very commonly out there and I stand by it 100%. We have a high success ratio with new agents, but we also don’t take on every new agent we interview.

What resources will I be provided to perform my duties?  With Domain Realty we set you up to succeed from the very start.  Out of the gate you’re equipped with an AppFiles account for all contracts/document storage, your own high-quality and functional IDX website, and a CRM for you to help manage your database and follow up.  We have many other resources such as community/city maps, floor plans, contract comparison guides, tons of hands on training, and several quality affiliate vendors to lean on for other services tied to real estate.  

What forms of training and continuing education do you provide?  At the foundation of what we do, it’s ALWAYS about stepping up our game.  From our many monthly trainings, to resource guides, tips/thoughts/news of the week, help videos or podcasts, vendor updates, and really just being a culture of people that are constantly improving our knowledge as real estate professionals. That’s the value we bring to the table.

Do you have a mentor program?  Yes, we have a mentorship program.  We can pair you up with a more experienced agent within Domain to shadow and have at your disposal for an agreed upon period of time or number of transactions.  

Is there mandatory office hours or desk duty?  There are no mandatory hours or desk duty.

Are commissions paid immediately upon closing?  Upon closing, the transaction has now “funded” which means all monies go to their appropriate place.  Either the check comes to Domain Realty and within 24 to 48 hours your check will be ready or you can fill out the “Broker Authorization Form for Direct Payment” which then allows you to get paid directly from the closing agent when the transaction funds.  

What is the company culture like?  To be honest… that’s what really sets apart Domain.  We are a very collaborative, open sharing, and help each other type atmosphere. There’s a lot of long standing relationships under the Domain umbrella. Overall, we’re very easy going, have fun, but at the same time we’re very good at what we do.  It’s hard to explain until you actually feel it for yourself.

Why should I choose an independent brokerage instead of a franchise firm?  There are pros & cons to every office you step foot in.  You need to figure out what’s going to be the best environment for YOU to excel and succeed in the real estate business.  

What types of advertising do you do?  We are not only one of the top online marketing companies in the state of FL but also in the entire US.  We own and operate over 800 websites and pay for enhanced exposure on most visited portals. It’s a long list of things we do but all I can promise you is that Domain offers our clients something most cannot compete with.